Wisconsin Nonprofit Helps Seniors Navigate Legal Needs

Feb 18, 2016

From downsizing to health care, there are many difficult issues to sort through as people age. Some of these decisions are exacerbated when financial security is also an issue.

"Elder abuse is a broad area that includes a lot of financial exploitation," SeniorLAW director Matthew Hayes says. Financial abuse can range from telephone scams to family members trying to take money from older relatives.

The nonprofit Legal Action of Wisconsin provides free legal services to low-income people and to all Milwaukee County seniors over the age of 60, no matter their income. 

With such an array of legal concerns, from housing issues to public benefits to family law, that surround the senior population, Legal Action of Wisconsin is never short of clients. "The need is much greater than the resources we have. We have to prioritize. That being said, anyone who calls us is going to get some service. It may not be representation in court, but we are going to help people who call us, no matter how busy we are," Hayes says.