Wisconsin Supreme Court Race: Jill Karofsky And Daniel Kelly Advance To General Election

12 hours ago

Wisconsin voters chose Jill Karofsky and incumbent Daniel Kelly to advance to the general election in the Wisconsin Supreme Court race. They beat out Ed Fallone.

>>Wisconsin Election Results — 2020 Spring Primary Elections

On April 7, voters will decide which one will earn a 10-year term on the state Supreme Court.

Although the office is non-partisan, the court currently has a 5-2 conservative majority. Kelly is supported by conservatives. Liberals have endorsed Karofsky.

The race has been marked by Kelly and Karofsky's increasingly bitter sparring. Karofsky has accused Kelly of being corrupt, saying he constantly rules in favor of conservative groups. Kelly has insisted that he uses “rigorous logic” to arrive at his rulings and Karofsky is slandering him.

Kelly built an enormous fund-raising advantage over both challengers, generating nearly $1 million over the last 13 months. Karofsky raised almost $414,000 during that span. Fallone had just under $172,000.

Learn more about Karofsky and Kelly.

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