WUWM and Market Enginuity Welcome Renee Gilbertson

Oct 23, 2013

Market Enginuity is pleased to announce Renee Gilbertson as a Corporate Sponsorship Sales Representative for WUWM 89.7 FM - Milwaukee Public Radio.

Credit Cynthia Akey

Renee brings nearly 20 years of professional sales experience to the team, including eight years with SAGA Communications in Milwaukee. While employed by SAGA Communications, Renee represented a variety of stations including WJMR 89.3, WZBK 106.9, WJZX 106.9, WFMR 106.9 and WLZR 102.9.

Renee is a passionate listener of WUWM and is excited to transition her commercial selling experience to public radio.

If your business is interested in becoming a WUWM Business Partner, please contact Gina Dragutinovich at dragutin@uwm.edu or 414-270-1138. Learn more at www.wuwm.com/partner.