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More Portions of the Courthouse to Reopen

December Communications

Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele’s office says the first floor of the courthouse will reopen on Wednesday.

That means the public will be able to visit the County Clerk, Register of Deeds, Treasurer and Child Support offices, beginning at 10:00 a.m. Those offices had been providing services off-site.

Parts of the courthouse have been closed for more than a week, after a fire caused electrical and smoke damage. On Monday, several floors reopened, allowing jury trials and some other operations to resume.

The county executive’s office says people visiting the building should enter through the Wells St. entrance. The doors on 9th and 10th St. remain closed. People who cannot use stairs are urged to enter through the Criminal Justice Facility, where they’ll be given instructions on how to reach their destination.

Both the courthouse and the Safety Building currently are relying on generators for power. The county executive’s office says the heat wave is straining the system. As a result, employees are urged to only use essential electrical appliances. It’s suggested that people who visit the courthouse arrive dressed appropriately for the heat.

The cafeteria at the courthouse remains closed. However, the county has invited food trucks to park on the streets in the area, and food is available at the nearby Milwaukee Public Museum.