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DA Charges Suspect with Attempting to Rob Concertina Bar


The Milwaukee DA's Office accuses 21-year-old Jose M. Munoz of being one of three men who tried to hold up Kochanski's Concertina Bar. The owner killed another suspect.

Munoz was apparently wounded in the same incident and was arrested in Illinois, where he sought treatment.

According to the complaint, three masked suspects entered the bar on South 37th Street late August 16, announcing a hold-up and displaying guns. Owner Andrew Kochanski grabbed his semi-automatic handgun from behind the bar and fired at the suspects, striking and killing Carmelo Matos-Arzola. The district attorney decided Monday that Kochanski acted lawfully in protecting himself and his customers.

Officers later discovered two black guns the suspects apparently dropped while fleeing, were BB guns.

Police in Highland Park, Illinois called the MPD, after Munoz turned up at a hospital there to be treated for two gunshot wounds to the leg. Investigators say Munoz asked a friend to drive him to the hospital, and the suspect's father suggested heading to a hospital outside Milwaukee.

Munoz faces a $50,000 fine and 20 years in prison, if convicted of attempted armed robbery and being party to a crime.

The complaint states that Kochanski performed CPR on the man he shot, but could not save him.