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Federal Aid on the Way, as Green Bay Bridge Support Sinks Another Half-Inch


The Federal Highway Administration will cover 100 percent of the emergency repairs needed to the (I-43) Leo Frigo Bridge during coming months.

Late Thursday, engineers discovered the pier had settled another half-inch, the first movement since September 25, when a two-foot dip in the pavement was reported. Engineers say corrosion weakened the pilings under one bridge pier or support, causing the deck to sink in that location. 

The bridge is a major commerce route in the Green Bay area, with more than  40,000 vehicles using it daily.

The initial estimate for repairing the bridge is $50 million. The FHA will cover all emergency repairs for the first 180 days and then 90 percent of all permanent repairs needed.

Workers plan to013.  afterter the first 180 days, emergency repairs and all permanent repairs will be at a 90 percent federal share.

The preliminary estimate for repairing the bridge is currently $50 million, although that number could change as a more detailed plan is developed to fix the structure.

Within the next few days, crews will erect support towers next to the pier to stabilize the bridge and protect workers. 

According to the federal agency, "the bridge design and construction met applicable standards at the time it was constructed, and the bridge appears to have been properly maintained and inspected. It does not appear to FHWA that there is anything that the State could have reasonably done to have anticipated or avoided this failure."

The bridge remains closed, indefinitely.