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Packers Sell-Out Sunday's Playoff Game


The NFL had given the team until four o'clock Friday afternoon to sell the remaining tickets, otherwise the league would ban local TV game coverage.

The Packers did not meet the NFL's first deadline of Thursday afternoon - about 3,000 unsold game tickets remained. Normally, the league requires sellouts 72 hours prior to games, in order to grant broadcast rights in the market. The Packers host San Francisco late Sunday afternoon.

In the waning hours Friday, corporate interests in Wisconsin scooped up tickets, including Associated Bank of Green Bay.

In addition to the Packers, the Indianapolis Colts met Friday's deadline for selling out its playoff game. Retailer Meijer bought more than a thousand tickets remaining for the Colts' game against Kansas City and says it will distribute some of them to National Guard troops.


The Leo Frigo Bridge in Green Bay will reopen to traffic on Sunday morning, according to the Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation.

A section of the bridge began sagging in September when one of its support piers sank. Engineers determined that five piers were corroded because of soil conditions and needed repair.

Workers have repaired the sagging bridge and its corroded support piers

The DOT closed the entire bridge and hired a Waukesha contractor to reinforce the supports. The company is finishing the project 12 days ahead of schedule.

The bridge is a major thoroughfare leading into and out of Green Bay.