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MacArthur Statue to Move to Milwaukee Lakefront

S Bence

The bronze representation of the former General of the Army has stood on a pedestal east of the County Courthouse since 1979.  In fact, the green space it stands on bears MacArthur's name, but very few people notice the statue. That's about to change. 

Vietnam veteran and member of the Veterans Community Relations Team Gregory West is one of the people who spearheaded the statue's relocation to the Veterans Park area of the lakefront.

West was among a handful of people marking off the statue's new home Monday morning.   He says it will be moved in the next week or so and be officially  re-dedicated on June 7 at the close of MacArthur Memorial Week.

The commemoration marks the 50th anniversary of General Douglas MacArthur's death and 35 years since the 9 1/2 feet tall  statue was originally unveiled in Milwaukee.