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Wednesday on Lake Effect: From Pretzels, to Kimchi, to Spirits - We Explore 'MilWorking'

Wednesday on Lake Effect:

We learn how Milwaukee makes and does things on today’s show, starting with an overview of the small-batch manufacturing sector. Plus, small batch pretzels - we get an inside look at how the Milwaukee Pretzel Company twists out thousands of them a day. Saehee Chang talks about why she enjoys teaching Korean cooking to others, but also making it herself. And from food to drink… we go behind the scenes at a Milwaukee distillery to learn how flouting conventions in the liquor-world can lead to better results.


  • Marcus White, Greater Milwaukee Foundation & Katie Stanton, the Urban Manufacturing Alliance
  • Matt Wessel, Milwaukee Pretzel Company
  • Saehee Chang, Korea Konnect LLC
  • Brian Sammons, Twisted Path Distillery