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Ask Me Another
Airs Saturdays at 11 am & 8 pm

Packed with trivia, comedy and celebrity guests, Ask Me Another is like an amusement park for your brain. Host Ophira Eisenberg and musician Jonathan Coulton take brilliant contestants on a roller coaster that'll make you laugh and scream (out the answers)—and barely anyone throws up in a trash can. Ask Me Another is recorded in front of a live audience at The Bell House in Brooklyn, NY, and on the road in your city.

Distributed by: NPR

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Latest Episodes
  • Hosts of the podcast My Brother, My Brother and Me Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy play trivia games about Dungeons & Dragons and talk about their new book Everybody Has a Podcast (Except You).
  • Inspired by their podcast The Adventure Zone, Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy play a trivia game about Dungeons and Dragons.
  • Podcasting brothers Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy enjoy musician Jonathan Coulton's rewrites of David Bowie songs to make them about "bro culture."
  • Writers and comedians Keith and Kenny Lucas are stayin' alive as house musician Jonathan Coulton sings songs from the Bee Gees rewritten to be about things with the initials B.G.
  • Fresh Off the Boatauthor and restaurateur Eddie Huang discusses Taiwanese buns, basketball, and his directorial debut, Boogie. Then, he plays a game about his favorite animal, pandas.
  • Story writers of Judas and The Black Messiah Keith and Kenny Lucas decide whether each clue is a pseudonym of a real hacker, a mushroom, or the name of an anime.
  • Comics Samantha Ruddy and Luke Mones are hopelessly devoted to hearing Jonathan Coulton remix classic Grease songs to be about, you guessed it, Greece!
  • Comics Samantha Ruddy and Luke Mones compete in this game about words that are spelled and pronounced the same, but have different meanings.
  • Jesse Tyler Ferguson discusses his time on Modern Familyand his new cookbook, Food Between Friends. Then, he plays a game about his home state of New Mexico.
  • Believe it or not, there have been some things on the internet that AREN'T terrible. Sunita Mani and John Reynolds (Save Yourselves!) compete in a game about delightful "viral" internet moments.