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Monday on Lake Effect: Creative Pairs, Citizen Science, Cedarburg Art Museum, Canning & Pickling

Monday on Lake Effect:

We often think of creativity and innovation as the result of the toil of a solitary genius. But writer Joshua Wolf Shenk says we should double the conventional wisdom and look to “creative pairs” for the real creative leaps. Later, why scientists around the world are tapping into the interest of regular people to help them do their research. We’ll have some thoughts about President Richard Nixon’s legacy on the 40th anniversary of his pardon. Plus, a visit to the Cedarburg Art Museum to learn about some remarkable photographic plates. And just in time for the fall harvest, we’ll talk about canning and pickling, the (relatively) easy way.


  • Joshua Wolf Shenk, author, Powers of Two
  • Gemma Tarlach, Discover Magazine
  • Art Cyr, essayist
  • Mary Chemotti and Sue Birnshein, Cedarburg Art Museum
  • Stacy Tornio and Ken Keffer, outdoor adventure contributors
  • Linda Benjamin, essayist