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Tuesday on Lake Effect: International Reporting, Zakir Hussain, Writer James Anderson, Precious Live

Tuesday on Lake Effect:

We’ll talk about the great public good that pays the price when foreign reporting bureaus are shuttered – and learn about an effort to help fund more independent, international reporting. Later, two very different musical styles - Indian and Celtic - are blended seamlessly in the music of Zakir Hussain and his Pulse of the World band, which kick off their US tour in Milwaukee on Friday. Writer James Anderson kicks off his book tour in Milwaukee tonight, following the release of a mystery set in the desert Southwest. And the latest installment in Precious Lives introduces us to a family trying to heal after a daughter’s murder.


  • Jon Sawyer, Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting
  • Zakir Hussain, musician
  • James Anderson, author, The Never-Open Desert Diner
  • Precious Lives, series