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Wednesday on Lake Effect: American's Skepticism of Science, Florentine Opera, Musician Jon Statz

Wednesday on Lake Effect:

A US Senator uses a snowball to ridicule climate change. Anti-vaccine efforts have led to a measles outbreak. What's behind Americans' skepticism of science? A Milwaukee researcher weighs in. Plus, a preview of the Florentine Opera's production of Elmer Gantry, and an in-studio performance by a transplanted Wisconsinite, singer-songwriter Jon Statz ahead of the release of a new CD in Milwaukee this week.


  • Andrew Petto, UW-Milwaukee
  • Katherine Pracht, Kevin Burdette, and Christopher Larkin, Florentine Opera's Elmer Gantry
  • Margaret Klessig, farm wife (subject, The People Remember)
  • Jon Statz, musician, Wisconsin native​