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Wednesday on Lake Effect: Political Changes, Missions to Mars, Indy-Rock Duo Lily & Madeleine

Wednesday on Lake Effect:

As the Democratic National Convention continues in Philadelphia, British reporter Claire Bolderson says the desire for change of any kind is propelling politics on both sides of the pond. Then, it’s been 40 years since our first mission to Mars. We’ll talk with astronomy contributor Jean Creighton about how it shaped future missions to the Red planet. And indy-rock duo Lily & Madeleine dropped out of high school to pursue music full time. The sisters talk about why they have no regrets.


  • Claire Bolderson, independent journalist based in London
  • Jean Creighton, Manfred Olsen Planetarium
  • Great Lakes Today, series
  • Lily Jurkewicz, Madeleine Jurkewicz, and Shannon Hayden, musicians


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