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Thursday on Lake Effect: Global Democracy, 'Victory for Victoria,' Saturn's Moons, David Lenz

Thursday on Lake Effect:

How the US presidential campaign fits into a larger story about the state of global democracy. Then, the creators of a new musical based on a biography of suffragist Victoria Woodhull, discuss the show’s unlikely beginnings. Our astronomy contributor explains an intriguing discovery from one of Saturn’s moons. And artist David Lenz explains how he chose the subjects that comprise his new exhibit at the Museum of Wisconsin Art.


  • Carl Gershman, president, National Endowment for Democracy
  • Allie Babich, Alissa Rhode, Peggy Peterson-Ryan, Susan Peterson-Holmes, Jill-Anna Ponasik, Victory for Victoria: The Musical
  • Jean Creighton, astronomy contributor
  • Avi Lank, essayist
  • David Lenz, painter; Graeme Reid, director of collection, Museum of Wisconsin Art


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