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Thursday on Lake Effect: The Onion, 'Moises/Landscape,' Ko-Thi Dance Company

Thursday on Lake Effect

With the lines blurred between satire, fake news, and real news, we speak with a pioneer - The Onion’s founding editor, Scott Dikkers, who talks about his approach to humor. Then, photographer Mariela Sancari discusses her latest exhibit which is inspired by - and a tribute to - her late father. We hear some stunning guitar work by Adam Rafferty, and after a long absence, Milwaukee’s Ko-Thi Dance Company returns to the stage.


  • Scott Dikkers, founding editor, The Onion
  • Mariela Sancari, photographer; Sonja Thomsen, the Pitch Project
  • Adam Rafferty, guitarist
  • Ferne Caulker and DeMar Walker, Ko-Thi Dance Company
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