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Thursday on Lake Effect: Bike Touring, 'My Trip Abroad,' A Veterans Cross Country Trek of Healing

Thursday on Lake Effect:

Today on the show, we explore the many ways in which journeys – both physical and mental – can shape us. First, we learn how an introvert came to enjoy the interactions he had with people over the course of a cross-country bike trip. Then a Milwaukee man publishes the remarkable travel journal his father kept on the trip of a lifetime - two months in Europe in 1936. Plus we learn how a cross-country trek by two Wisconsin veterans and helped them deal with the aftermath of combat, and hear an essay from our contributor who is currently hiking the Appalachian Trail.


  • David Howell, author, The Descent Into Happiness
  • Kurt Chandler, editor, My Trip Abroad: Europe in 1936; Frank Daily, son of the author
  • Tom Voss, subject, Almost Sunrise
  • Lauren Groh, contributor
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