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Thursday on Lake Effect: Best of Drinks

Thursday on Lake Effect:

We look back at some of our favorite conversations about drinking. First, a local beer writer gives his top picks from Milwaukee-area breweries in 2018. Then, we revisit our Lake Effect On Site in Bayview, with beer writer Kathy Flanigan. Later, we go behind the scenes at a Milwaukee distillery to learn how flouting conventions in the liquor-world can lead to better results. Plus, the people behind a Wisconsin soda company say their soda’s competitive edge is due their product being healthier than your average pop.


  • Chris Drosner, Milwaukee Magazine executive editor
  • Kathy Flanigan, author, Beer Lover's Wisconsin: Best Breweries, Brewpubs, and Beer Bars
  • Brian Sammons, Twisted Path Distillery
  • Austin Ashley, Wisco Pop! CEO