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Tuesday on Lake Effect: Reporting on Terrorism, 'You Never Told Me That,' Life After the NFL

Tuesday on Lake Effect

Our foreign policy contributor talks about the challenge for the media in covering terrorist acts without spurring others to commit them. Later, Milwaukee writer Kathleen Davis talks about her experience raising sons as the enter their next stage of life, and she enters hers. Plus, sociologist and former pro football player Robert Turner says high-level college athletes may get a free education, but they don't always get the lessons they need to succeed off the field.


  • Art Cyr, director, Clausen Center for World Business at Carthage College
  • Kathleen Davis, author, You Never Told Me That: A Crash Course in Preparing Your Kids for Independence
  • Robert Turner, author, Not For Long: The Life and Career of the NFL Athlete
  • Lil' Rev, musician