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Thursday on Lake Effect: School Board Elections, Fit For You, Celestial Motion, 'Break the Mold'

Thursday on Lake Effect:

We look ahead to next week’s elections, when Milwaukee voters will choose five school board members. Our Fit For You segment speaks with former professional basketball player Cheryl Mohr about why she founded the longest running co-ed Amateur Athletic Union program in the state. Then it's all about celestial motion with astronomy contributor Jean Creighton, and how a naturopathic doctor was having difficulty treating some of her patients, until there was a breakthrough.


  • Alan Borsuk, education observer and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist
  • Cheryl Mohr, Higher Level Camps CEO and President; Karla Jensen, author
  • Jean Creighton, astronomy contributor
  • Jill Crista, author, Break the Mold: 5 Tools to Conquer Mold and Take Back Your Health
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