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Friday on Lake Effect: Rwandan Genocide, Bird-Watching, 'The Room's' Tommy Wiseau, Milwaukee Road

Friday on Lake Effect:

25 years after the Rwandan genocide, we look at what the world has learned from it and the justice that came afterward. Later, an author and illustrator explains how birdwatching can change your view of the world around you. And filmmaker and actor, Tommy Wiseau, talks about his cult-classic The Room and his mysterious past. Plus, a look at the "People of the Road" monument, a tribute to the thousands who labored for a passenger and freight-rail service best known as the Milwaukee Road.


  • Carine Kaneza Nantulya, Africa Advocacy Director, Human Rights Watch
  • Annette Cate, author and illustrator, Look Up: Bird-Watching In Your Own Backyard
  • Tommy Wiseau, The Room
  • Chuck Quirmbach, WUWM’s Business and Innovation reporter
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