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Tuesday on Lake Effect: David Maraniss, 'How Did You Do That?' Podcast, Pseudonymous Bosch

Tuesday on Lake Effect:

We talk with Pulitzer Prize winning author David Maraniss about his newest book, A Good American Family: The Red Scare and My Father. Maraniss is the guest of honor at the Milwaukee Public Library's Literary Luncheon on Tuesday. Then, our 'How Did You Do That?' series on entrepreneurship tells the story of the Wisconsin company that revolutionized colon cancer screening. And we meet the unique Raphael Simon, who writes young adult books under the name Pseudonymous Bosch


  • David Maraniss, author of A Good American Family: The Red Scare and My Father
  • Kevin Conroy, Cologuard/Exact Sciences
  • Raphael Simon (aka Pseudonymous Bosch), author of The Unbelievable Oliver
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