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Thursday on Lake Effect: 'The Unspeakable Mind,' Moon Landing Anniversary, How Did You Do That?

Thursday on Lake Effect

Former Milwaukee psychiatrist looks at the science of PTSD, in order to clear up some misconceptions. Then, as we approach the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, astronomy contributor Jean Creighton talks about the technology that had to be invented in order to make it happen. Plus, our podcast on entrepreneurship speaks with Milwaukee Native Andy Nunemaker, who left a corporate career at GE to run a small start up called EMSystems.


  • Shaili Jain, psychiatrist and author, The Unspeakable Mind: Stories of Trauma and Healing from the Front Lines of PTSD Science
  • Jean Creighton, Lake Effect astronomy contributor
  • Makeal Flammini, artist
  • How Did You Do That? podcast