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Lake Effect Weekend: Annual All Music Show

This weekend on Lake Effect:

Dedicating a whole show to showing off the range of musicians who graced our studio over the past year has become an annual tradition on Lake Effect. The musical acts that come through our doors to perform for us every year is astonishing. Whether it’s folk, classical, indie rock, world music, or something not easily classifiable, there’s something here for just about everyone.

Guests (in order of play):

  • Antoine Dufour
  • Jesse Malin
  • Karim Sulayman & Jory Vinikour
  • Caley Conway
  • Panalure
  • Greg Koch & Willie Porter
  • Crawford Wiley
  • Katie Dahl
  • Goitse
  • Saebra & Carlyle
  • Marielle Allschwang
  • Veretski Pass
  • Aaron Rodriguez
  • Peter Mulvey
  • Shane Hennessy
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