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Monday on Lake Effect: On-Site Third Ward

Monday on Lake Effect

Lake Effect heads to the Cabot Theatre, one of the stages in the Broadway Theatre Center, located in the heart & soul of Milwaukee’s Third Ward. First, we speak with Imagine MKE’s David Lee about how the arts have helped shape this part of town, and the rest of Milwaukee. Then, Milwaukee Ballet’s Michael Pink tells us why the Ballet and its school made the move to the 3rd Ward, investing in a brand new building on the district’s southern end. Later, David Cecsarini of Next Act Theatre and Jill Anna Ponasik from Milwaukee Opera Theatre, talk about the city's theater scene. Plus, Skylight Music Theatre’s own Michael Lorenz and David Bonofiglio underscore the evening.


  • David Lee, Imagine MKE
  • Michael Pink, Milwaukee Ballet
  • David Cecsarini, Next Act Theatre; Jill Anna Ponasik, Milwaukee Opera Theatre
  • Michael Lorenz, percussionist; David Bonofiglio, pianist