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Thursday on Lake Effect: Hospital Preparedness, CBD Testing, Tarot Cards, GERD

Thursday on Lake Effect:

We hear how Wisconsin hospitals are handling the COVID-19 outbreak. Then, despite the rise in popularity of CBD shops and the growing numbers of products in stores, only one has actually been approved by the FDA. We learn about the history of Tarot cards, and one practitioner explains what card readings mean to him. And, while acid reflux is generally just a mild annoyance, for some people it can be a serious issue known as GERD.


  • Dr. Mark Kaufman, Chief Medical Officer of the Wisconsin Hospital Association
  • Sally Greenberg, executive director of the National Consumers League
  • Laurence Ross, curator and tarot practitioner
  • Dr. Jon Gould, Chief of the Division of General Surgery and Vice Chair of Surgical Quality at the Medical College of Wisconsin