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Monday on Lake Effect: Blood Donations, Jewish Museum Milwaukee, 'The Girl In The Diary'

Monday on Lake Effect:

We speak with the chief medical officer of Versiti Blood Center to find out how blood donations are being affected by the coronavirus. Then, we look at how the Jewish Museum Milwaukee is engaging with patrons during the pandemic. And we discuss their current exhibit, which explores the life of a young woman growing up in the Lodz Ghetto, through her diary. Then, a former white supremacist describes his experience visiting a Nazi concentration camp.


  • Dr. Thomas Abshire, chief medical officer, Versiti Blood Center
  • Ellie Gettinger, education director, Jewish Museum Milwaukee
  • Molly Dubin, curator of programs, Jewish Museum Milwaukee; Jakub Nowakowski, director, Galicia Jewish Museum in Krakow, Poland
  • Arno Michaelis, Lake Effect essayist