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Tuesday on Lake Effect: Milwaukee Bucks Chaplain, 5 Things To Do, Black Art Collectors Exhibit

Tuesday on Lake Effect:

The Milwaukee Bucks Chaplain Pastor Kennth Lock talks about what he’s experienced at the ongoing protests in Milwaukee. Then, a look at some of the exciting things happening in Milwaukee this month. We learn about an exhibit that features Black art collectors at the Cedarburg Art Museum. Plus, how the Milwaukee Public Museum is adapting to a virtual experience during the pandemic.


  • Kenneth Lock, pastor at Evolve Church & head chaplain for the Milwaukee Bucks
  • Adam Carr, deputy editor for community engagement at Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service
  • Evelyn Patricia Terry, guest curator of Eye of the Beholder: African Americans Collecting Art; Mary Chemotti, Cedarburg Art Museum curator
  • Jenni Tetzlaff, Milwaukee Public Museum’s director of integrated marketing
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