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Friday on Lake Effect: Caring for COVID-19 Patients, COVID-19 Survivor, Pandemic Policy

Friday on Lake Effect:

We hear from a local respiratory therapist who describes caring for COVID-19 patients. Then, a local COVID-19 survivor shares her experience battling the illness and her message for others as the virus continues to spread. We learn how gerrymandering in Wisconsin could be impacting the pandemic response. Plus, we learn about a coronavirus children’s book that was inspired by a writing competition.


  • Nou Thao, MATC graduate & respiratory therapist
  • Danielle Nelson, COVID-19 survivor from West Allis
  • David Daley, author of Ratf***ed: Why Your Vote Doesn’t Count and other books on partisan gerrymandering
  • Lora Hyler, author of Our Bodies Stay Home, Our Imagination Runs Free