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Monday on Lake Effect: Global Brigades, Pandemic Oral Health, Bubbler Talk, Disclosure

Monday on Lake Effect:

We learn about Global Brigades, a non-profit created by a Marquette graduate that helps students understand poverty in other countries and help find solutions. Then, we look at how the pandemic is impacting oral health. We hear from a healthcare worker who received the COVID-19 vaccine. Bubbler Talk explores the history of Milwaukee’s Borchert Field. Plus, the documentary Disclosure looks at the history of transgender misrepresentation in media.


  • Dr. Shital Vora, co-founder of Global Brigades
  • Dr. Yasser Khaled, dentist specializing in TMD, orofacial pain & assistant professor in the Marquette School of Dentistry
  • Matt, registered nurse in Milwaukee
  • Bubbler Talk
  • Sam Feder, director of Disclosure