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Thursday on Lake Effect: Coast Guard Station Occupation, Musky Conservation, Zoo Animal Vaccinations, ‘Refugee High’ Book

Today, on Lake Effect we’ll hear from one of the leaders of the Milwaukee American Indian Movement who took over an abandoned Coast Guard station 50 years ago. Then, we’ll learn about the Wisconsin DNR’s effort to encourage the catch and release of muskies. We’ll learn about the Milwaukee County Zoo’s plan to vaccinate animals from COVID-19. Plus, we’ll speak with the author and some of the subjects of the book, Refugee High: A Coming of Age in America.


  • Dorothy Ninham, member of the American Indian Movement; Perry Muckerheide, coordinator of 50th Anniversary celebration
  • Jordan Weeks, team supervisor with the Wisconsin DNR
  • Dr. Pamela Govett, senior staff veterinarian at the Milwaukee County Zoo
  • Elly Fishman, journalist and author of Refugee High: Coming of Age in America; Sarah Quintenz, English Language Department Lead at Sullivan High School; Nur, recent graduate of Sullivan High School