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Tuesday on Lake Effect: Kids With COVID-19, Employer-Mandated Vaccines, Milwaukee Black Theater Fest, Self-Care

Today on Lake Effect, we look at the rising cases of children with COVID-19 and what we can do to keep them safe. We learn about the legal concerns surrounding employer-mandated vaccinations. Then, talk about the Milwaukee Black Theater Festival and how this year’s theme, “The Strength and Resilience of the Black Woman” is influencing the programming. Plus, hear from two mental health professionals on how we can practice self-care and take the time to listen to ourselves.


  • Dr. Smriti Khare, president of primary care at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin
  • Barbara Zabawa, clinical assistant professor and MHA program co-director at UW-Milwaukee
  • Malkia Stampley, artistic producer for the Milwaukee Black Theater Festival; Camara Stampley, actor in Pretty Fire
  • Patrick Parker and Shelly Smith, licensed marriage and family therapists from Good Human Work