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Monday on Lake Effect: disabled voter rights, Capitol Notes, 'Blue Lake,' Covid misinformation, Bubbler Talk

Today on Lake Effect, we look at how new regulations around drop boxes and absentee ballots are impacting Wisconsin voters with disabilities. Then, speak with a judge turned author about how his experience in environmental law influenced his first book. We hear from UWM researchers who found a link between COVID-19 misinformation and spikes in infection. Plus, Bubbler Talk looks at the origins of the lion statues outside the Zeidler Building in downtown Milwaukee.


  • Barbara Beckert, director of external advocacy for Disability Rights Wisconsin
  • Capitol Notes
  • Jeffrey Boldt, retired judge and author of Blue Lake
  • Rina Ghose, professor of geography and urban studies; Amir Forati, doctoral student of geography at UWM
  • Bubbler Talk