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UWM Researchers Working to Capture Images of Proteins

Jon Strelecki

Proteins are an essential part of a healthy body. But when they malfunction, the results can be disastrous.

That is why a research team at UW-Milwaukee is so excited about the work they are doing to help capture images of proteins that could lead to the development of new drugs. The UWM team is part of a $25 million national Science Foundation Science and Technology Center research program with partners on the East and West coast.

Host Tom Luljak speaks with UWM team, Abbas Ourmazd, UWM Distinguished Professor of Physics and Electrical Engineering; Dilano Saldin, UWM Distinguished Professor of Physics and Marius Schmidt, Associate Professor of Physics.

Tom Luljak hosted UWM Today on WUWM for more than two decades and is the inaugural host of Curious Campus.