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Exploring Milwaukee Churches With UWM’s Christopher Cantwell

Jason Rieve
Tom Luljak with Christopher Cantwell, assistant professor of history at UWM.

If you are a history buff, Milwaukee is a great place to dive into the past. With its many ethnic neighborhoods and a lively political landscape, Milwaukee's history is fascinating.

On this edition of UWM Today, we look at Milwaukee through another lens, one that helps us understand our city by examining the impact religion has had shaping the community. Our tour guide is Christopher Cantwell, assistant professor of history at UWM. Cantwell is leading a project that chronicles the history of the many churches found throughout the city.   

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Tom Luljak is the vice chancellor of University Relations and Communications at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. In addition to directing the university's communication programs, Luljak serves as an associate lecturer in UWM's Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, teaching courses in corporate communications and sports marketing.