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UWM Professor Explores How Light Therapy Could Help People With Multiple Sclerosis

Jason Rieve
Tom Luljak with Jeri-Anne Lyons, a UWM professor who's exploring how light therapy could help people with multiple sclerosis.

Each week more than 200 people in the United States are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. They join more than 1 million other Americans who have contracted the disease. If you know someone with MS, you may have heard their stories of searching for a cure or looking for a treatment that will help relieve their symptoms.

On this edition of UWM Today, we talk with a UWM researcher who’s exploring the role that light therapy may have in helping MS victims. Jeri-Anne Lyons is a professor of biomedical sciences and the associate dean of UWM’s College of Health Sciences.

Tom Luljak hosted UWM Today on WUWM for more than two decades and is the inaugural host of Curious Campus.