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UWM Researchers Have Developed Chemical Compounds That Could Provide Non-Addictive Pain Relief

Jason Rieve
Tom Luljak with Jim Cook and Daniel Knutson.

Every year thousands of Americans die from drug overdoses. More than half of those deaths involve the use of opioids, which were created to help people deal with debilitating pain. Finding alternatives to opioids would literally be a lifesaver for many.

On this edition of UWM Today, we meet two UW-Milwaukee researchers who have developed chemical compounds that could help people relieve their painful symptoms without the risk present in the opioid drugs on the market. Joining us in the studio are Jim Cook, a UWM distinguished professor who has just wrapped up a 40 year career at the university where he served in the department of chemistry and biochemistry. Joining him is one of his doctoral students, Daniel Knutson, who spent the first part of his career as an industrial chemist and is about to receive his PhD from UWM.

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Tom Luljak is the vice chancellor of University Relations and Communications at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. In addition to directing the university's communication programs, Luljak serves as an associate lecturer in UWM's Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, teaching courses in corporate communications and sports marketing.