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How A UWM Professor Is Helping Hospitals Manage Data

Lauren Sigfusson
Hospitals aren't always able to implement a data-monitoring system, but AkkeNeel Talsma has devoted years of research to finding a solution.

Health care practitioners spend a lot of time gathering data. Good information about patients is one of the key elements to providing good care. But unfortunately, hospitals are not always able to implement a data-monitoring system. With different levels of data access from hospital to hospital, errors can happen that can impact the health outcomes of patients.

AkkeNeel Talsma, a UWM associate professor of nursing, has devoted years of research to finding a solution. Her work has led to a startup company that provides a software tool for hospitals to manage data. AkkeNeel is our guest on this edition of UWM Today to talk about her work in helping small and medium-size hospitals manage the mountains of data they encounter.

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