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Stream FAQs

  • Why is a WUWM message interrupting my audio stream?

When you start a streaming session, WUWM has a pre-roll message that is programmed to play one time per hour. If you are hearing these messages multiple times within an hour, it is most likely due to your device’s internet bandwidth connection. Because you are listening to a live stream, your device is constantly downloading the data in real time. When your device cannot download data fast enough, it goes into a buffering mode — stopping the stream until it has buffered enough data to begin playing again. So even though you have not physically pressed the stop / play button, the device has done so in the background and a new streaming session has been initialized, replaying a pre-roll message each time. There are many factors that can contribute to this, such as a weak cellular or Wi-Fi signal, other activity on your network that is using bandwidth, ISP congestion, and switching between cellular towers.
WUWM recommends streaming on a device that is plugged in with an ethernet wire directly to your router/modem for optimal performance. If you are streaming on a mobile device, we recommend connecting to Wi-Fi.

If you are continuing to experience multiple messages, please fill out this form for further assistance.

  • My bookmarked audio links no longer work.

WUWM switched streaming providers in June of 2016 to offer our listeners a higher quality streaming experience. If you had bookmarked or saved our links in iTunes, your web browser or another media player, please update your settings by deleting the old links and saving the following:

(Do not include the quotation marks.)

  • How do I listen online at the workplace?

You can stream WUWM through our persistent stream player embedded on The Play button at the top of the screen will start the player.
Many workplaces have firewalls to block audio streams. Firewalls are designed to protect networks against hackers, viruses, and other malicious attempts to steal data.

Most modern firewalls have the ability to learn about the content that is going through them. Depending on how strict your network administrator has set the firewall rules, it is possible that the stream from WUWM may be blocked. Some firewalls with strict security settings do what is called "Stateful Packet Inspection". This technology may falsely identify some Internet streams as a security threat and block them. This may lead to a condition where you can stream other stations, but may not be able to stream WUWM or vice-versa.

  • How do I listen online at home?

You can stream WUWM through our persistent stream player embedded on The Play button at the top of the screen will start the player.
Some antivirus and home firewalls may block Internet streams because the security settings are too strict. Test this by temporarily turning off your firewall software. If the stream begins to work, you will need to change your security settings on your firewall. Re-enable your firewall and adjust the settings to allow connections to WUWM. If you are unsure how to do this, contact customer support for your anti-virus / firewall provider.

  • How do I listen through iTunes on my computer?

In the past, Apple iTunes had a dedicated section for listening to Internet Radio stations. Since the release of iTunes Radio and Apple Music, Apple has changed their online streaming policy. If you previously have been using the Internet Radio section in iTunes to stream WUWM, please use Apple iTunes Radio instead. When in the "MUSIC" section of iTunes you can do a search for WUWM, and you will see WUWM listed in the Top Results or Stations. After you have played WUWM's online stream once, it will be saved to your Recently Played stations. To easily access WUWM again, start from the main "MUSIC" section and in list at the top select "RADIO".
If you are unable to find WUWM in Apple iTunes Radio, please copy the link below and paste it into a new browser window. It will prompt you that it needs to be opened in Apple iTunes. Click OK to automatically open Apple iTunes and it will begin playing WUWM.

  • How do I listen on my Wi-Fi Music Player / Internet Radio?

Please update your station settings by adding the new link to our online stream: 

(Do not include the quotation marks.)

Please refer to your product manual for specific information on how to update your online stations.

  • How do I listen via third party apps such as TuneIn or the NPR News app?

WUWM is currently working with third party app providers to update their streaming settings. Please allow some time for them to make these changes. If your third party app is still not working, contact us at 414-227-3355 or and let us know which app you are using.
If you have saved WUWM as a favorite or a bookmark in your third party app, please remove them from your favorites or bookmarks. Once removed you can do a search for WUWM and add the new search result back as a favorite or bookmark.

Some third party apps will require you to delete the app and reinstall it in order to completely clear the apps memory of the old WUWM stream URL from your device.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, call 414-227-3355 or email Please include as much detail as possible. Describe the problem: Are you at work or home? Are you using a PC or Mac? What browser are you using? What is happening? etc.