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The 2021 SPC Honorable Mentions

2021 Podcast By Emily M.

9/11 NPR

A Cultural Disconnect: The US and Iran

A Dive into Diversity

Aidan Sockrider's NPR Student Contest Submission

Albert Barnes

All About Cancel Culture

All Natural: Yellowstone National Park

An Ode to Ants

Anxiety In Kids and Teens


A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

A Possibly Positive Pandemic?

Arab Teens

Asian Stereotypes

Athlete's Corner: Pandemics, Protein Shakes, and Home Workouts

Auggie's Pet Podcast

Avocado Mafia

Break In The Story Of Laurie Dann

Butterflies in our Stomach

Butterflies Unscripted

Candy to My Ears

Charlie's Family Podcast

Charlie Brown Parallels to the Past Part Two

Cinthia A - NPR Podcast Challenge 2021

Climate Change

Coping with Covid

Covid Conversations

Creativity and Nature

Dancing Fire

Dark 'n' Stormy

Dark Childhood Theories

Death By Sugar: The Great Molasses Flood Of 1919

Different Bodies, Different Reasons


Drinks with a Tasteful Twist

Environmental Activism With Orla Malloy

Escape From Alcatraz

Evolution Of Slang


Forget, Fix, or Forgive Food Waste

Frog Bridge & The Soul of Willimantic

Genres Of Music


GSNPR Podcast Contest

Guinness World Records

Harmful Gender Norms

Haunted Hometown: Pleasanton, California

Helmet Podcast

Hieu Tam Pham

High School Memories

History of Music

Hole Donut

How Are Sports Affected?

How Can We Stop Global Warming

How the first trillionaire will come about

How to Bake the World's Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

How to Make Students' Lives Engaging During COVID-19


I Am Black Excellence

If You Close Your Eyes

In a Pickle


Indian Small Farmers' Fight for Democracy

Industry Juniors

Interviews with Grandma

In The Eye Of The Storm

IRL Podcast

It's A Twin Thing

Japanime Podcast

Just Clowning Around


Leadership Podcast

Legal Misconduct

Let's Talk About Sustainability!

LGBTQ discrimination

Life Of A Racecar Driver

Llama Podcast

Local Artist


Male Depression

Match Of The Century

Media and Reality: TV's Effect on Black Women

Megan Ramirez NPR

Mental Health For Students

Mental Health in Movies and TV

Mirror, Mirror On The Dog

Missing And Murdered Indigenous Women

Miss Mattie and Scooter Mouse

MLK Marches in Cicero

My Small Business Journey

Mysterious Earth

Nad - Cast 1 - 3 12 21, 10.45 PM

Nate Drohan: Sleep Talk Podcast

Native American Mascots

Neighborhood News

NMC21: Q

No Longer a Child

One year of distance

Online or in person schooling?

Operation Paperclip

Opinions on Group Homes

Pandemic Blues

Pandemics and Students

Parents Just Don't Understand

Parents Vs. Kids

Pickled Punks Podcast

PTSD: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Quarantine Daydreams

R.O.G.U.E. Podcast Episode 4 Part 1: Authenticity

Representation In Film

Risk Takers Podcast

Sardines Lost At Sea

Scary Story

Slight of Hand

Sophia's Podcast on Eagles

Speech And Debate Podcast

Stories Around The Ghost Light: 24 Hours Before You Lose It All

Survival Of The Vietnam War

Taylor A's Story

Technology Dating

Texting While Zooming

The Breakout Room

The Days Before US

The Degradation of the Y Chromosome

The Effect Of Machismo

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly: The Electoral College

The Great Emu War

The Hauntings of Breckie

The Hauntings of Breckie

The History of Classical Music

The Importance Of Self Care During A Pandemic

The Inexplicable Heist

The Lavender Scare

The Mystery Of Roanoke Island

The Podcast People

There is a Banana in my Podcast

The Rise Of Anti - Asian Hate

The Simpsons Podcast

The Speculative Implications of Trans- Temporal Travel

The Subtle Things: Teacher-Student Relationships

The Trolley Problem

The Underlying Problems In The Gaming Industry

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The Water Rights Settlement Act

The Weekend that Went Wrong

This or That: School Edition

Through Many Glass Ceilings



Two Brothers, One Mother

Tye Rollins: A Hero in Scrubs and a White Coat

Understanding the Hijab

Unknown Monsters: Climate Change


Viruses are NOT a Race

Voices Of Hawaii

Weird Laws in America

What's Good?

What is Worth Fighting For?

Where Are You Daddy?

Why TikTok is a Black Hole

Zobia and Lila

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