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Ex Fabula: Misunderstood

Oct 6, 2018
Ex Fabula

As the seasons change, so does Ex Fabula. If you’ve been to an Ex Fabula event you’ve probably received a survey. If you’re nice, you even filled it out and returned it. Well, guess what? We actually read them all. And the one surprising thing that people said time and again was that they were more likely to share their stories on stage if there were no judging. So, this Tuesday, Oct. 9, we’re hosting our first non-competitive Ex Fabula StorySlam "Misunderstood" at Bay View’s Sugar Maple.

Ex Fabula

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. One of the many reasons it’s so important to raise awareness of this disease is how prevalent it is: one in eight women will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer at some point in her life. Understanding risk factors, screening recommendations, and symptoms and signs can literally save lives. Learn more at breastcancer.org.

Megan McGee

If you love the stories found in the history of Milwaukee’s places and spaces, this weekend must seem like an unofficial local holiday. Doors Open Milwaukee is a two-day event that organizes tours of more than 200 buildings in the metro area – including Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge, which is featured in our second story.

Ex Fabula: Teach

Sep 15, 2018
Art Montes / Ex Fabula

By now, students and teachers alike in the Milwaukee area have had a few weeks to settle into the new school year. This week, we pay homage to teachers and the dedication they have to guiding and helping the children in their care.

Ex Fabula: Generations

Sep 8, 2018

It’s been a relaxing summer full of fond storytelling recollections, but excitement is building as Ex Fabula’s 10th Season commences this month! The season’s first StorySlam will be held Sept. 14, featuring the theme “Generations” (details below). This week’s story serves as an introspective warm-up.

Art Montes

Labor Day has become ubiquitous with the end of summer, the start of the school year, and day off for celebrating. But this national holiday also compels us to remember those who died due to poor working conditions and in the fight to improve working conditions for the rest of us.

This week’s show focuses on two storytellers who work in health care and the ways – both humorous and serious – that the people they care for have impacted their work.

Ex Fabula

On July 21, Ex Fabula and Sculpture Milwaukee teamed up for the first of two special guided storytelling tours led by Ex Fabula storytellers Elaine Maly and Shawn Mitchell. These special storytellers shared their own stories inspired by select works of art from Sculpture MKE’s 21 piece urban outdoor exhibit. If you missed the Ex Fabula tour, you’re in luck. We have a few of those stories for you this weekend. Luckier still, the Sculpture Milwaukee exhibit is here through October so there’s time to take your own tour and see what inspires you.

Ex Fabula: Back To School

Aug 18, 2018
Art Montes

With two more weeks left in August, the back-to-school pictures have begun traveling on social media. And though there are still a plethora of Milwaukee ethnic and music festivals left to extend summer well into the fall, many students and teachers alike are spending this weekend prepping lesson plans, backpacks and wardrobes for the new school year.  

This weekend, we salute you, back-to-schoolers. We hope these stories will make you smile as you get ready for the big year ahead.

Carolina Mulvey-Videla

There’s a lot of noise out here telling us that the sky is falling and that there’s no good left in our neighborhoods, cities, and country. That's why “To Be of Service” to each other, to neighbors, and to those in zip codes not our own, can be the most radical act we can commit. This week, we bring you two stories of people who chose to step up when they could have walked away. 

Art Montes

This week we’re welcoming our friends from Up North to out west, for it’s Wisconsin State Fair time and that means corn, cream puffs, cotton candy and animals of all shapes and sizes. And we’ve got some interesting farming stories for you.

Ex Fabula: Family Secrets

Jul 28, 2018
Art Montes

Family trees sure can be complicated. From roots that remain unseen to limbs that twist in unexpected ways, it's not uncommon for surprises and secrets to be nesting in those branches, hidden from view. Family secrets can exist in the present or the past, and often range from mysterious and scandalous to embarrassing and upsetting. They are part of the DNA that make up any family's tree – whether they are ever discovered or acknowledged.

Art Montes

Summer tends to be perceived as a time for social adventure, filled with the excitement of meeting new people and the potential for romance around every corner. Stories of fun summer flings fill our cultural storybooks. Think Roman Holiday, Grease (“Summer Nights,” anyone?), Dirty Dancing or Say Anything

Art Montes

If you always wanted to travel to Paris but haven’t made it around to booking that trip yet, the next best thing is happening this weekend right here in Milwaukee: Bastille Days! Every second weekend in July, Milwaukee’s Cathedral Square turns into a French festival featuring live music, food, wine and an international marketplace for vendors. Don’t miss your chance to snap a selfie in front of the mini version of the Eiffel Tower on display at the north end of the square – it may be the closest you ever get to the real thing!

Art Montes

Summer is in full swing in Milwaukee, and for many local residents that means spending as much time as humanly possible outside to enjoy the warm weather, long days of sunshine and numerous festivals. One way to partake? Check out the 21 pieces of art featured in the second annual Sculpture Milwaukee urban outdoor exhibit along Wisconsin Avenue in downtown Milwaukee. Learn more about it in an Ex Fabula guided storytelling tour below.

As it turns out, art is not only a form of creative expression and a tool for introspection – it’s also a great way to connect with others.

Art Montes

Festival season is officially upon us! With the kick off of the Big Gig, visitors and neighbors alike will flock to Milwaukee’s lakefront for the crown jewel that makes Milwaukee “the city of festivals.” Along with Summerfest comes other ethnic celebrations, church festivals, and neighborhood block parties; all celebrating the things that give us hope during the long winter months…the music, food and merriment of Milwaukee summer.