Gogebic Taconite

Pete Rasmussen

The state will now reopen the land around the proposed site, to the public. Gov. Walker had signed a bill restricting access to certain acres.

Last month, G-tac closed its office in Hurley saying a mining operation did not appear to be feasible. The region encompassing the Penokee Hills is rich in wetlands and waterways, the reason some people and groups opposed a potential mine. 

It would have meant opening a 4.5 mile open pit, to extract the iron ore.

According to the Wisconsin DNR, the company has officially withdrawn its pre-application notice.

Earlier this month, the company Gogebic Taconite announced it was putting on hold hopes of mining iron ore in northern Wisconsin.

S Bence

Miriam Pixtun Monroy lives an hour from Guatemala's capitol and is fighting a gold mining operation she say threatens her indigenous Maya Kaqchikel community. Pixtun Monroy says the struggle is similar to that of the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Ojibwe. The tribe is resisting a proposed iron mine in northern Wisconsin.

S Bence

Yesterday, we heard from people for the proposed mine; today, hear from residents in far northern Wisconsin against it. 

S Bence

As vehemently as some residents of far northern Wisconsin oppose the proposed iron ore mine south of Lake Superior, others staunchly support it.  We talk with several people who want mining now.

S Bence

Right now, the DNR and mining company Gogebic Taconite, or GTAC,  are in the middle of a complicated permitting process.

This Saturday evening, a documentary will air on cable TV about the debate that has consumed Wisconsin for a couple years.

Pete Rasmussen

Americans for Prosperity got involved in county board elections in northern Wisconsin this spring, hoping to help pro-mining candidates win.


Wisconsin may prevent the public from getting close to a proposed mine in northern Wisconsin.

UPDATE  Area residents including members of the Bad River and Lac Courte Oreilles Bands  of Lake Superior Chippewa overflowed the board room. After long discussion the Ashland County Mining Impact Committee decided to reconvene next week, when the panel will review a bulk sampling  ordinance.  The chair assigned several committee members to prepare an ordinance that would not allow natural occurring asbestos to be disturbed.

State Panel Approves Public Land Restrictions

Sep 5, 2013

The state Senate Mining Committee has approved a bill that will close thousands of acres around a mining site in northern Wisconsin to hikers, hunters and other members of the public.

UPDATE: The Senate Mining Committee advanced the proposal Thursday, sending it to the full state Senate.

Rob Ganson

State regulators have granted a license to a firm that started using armed guards, clad in camouflage, at the site of a potential iron mine.

Governor Walker wants people who disrupt mine testing in northern Wisconsin, "prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."

A mining company says it has temporarily withdrawn its armed guards from an exploratory drilling site in northwestern Wisconsin.

Gogebic Taconite spokesman Bob Seitz tells the Wisconsin State Journal the guards from Bulletproof Securities were pulled out Wednesday because the contractor failed to obtain proper licensing from the state.

He says the company has two or three other options and will rely on them until state approval is received.