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One of UW-Milwaukee’s top administrators is retiring after 20 years at the university. Joan Prince, Vice Chancellor of Global Inclusion and Engagement, has overseen diversity and equity efforts at the university.

Prince is also a four-time graduate of UWM, earning two bachelors’ degrees, a master’s degree and a doctorate.

During her time at UWM, Prince worked to increase diversity in the school’s study abroad programs.

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Wisconsin has now seen two confirmed cases of a new variant of COVID-19 that has proven to be more transmissible. This strain of the virus is known for first being discovered in the United Kingdom.

Two other new strains have also made the news, one first discovered in South Africa and another discovered in Brazil.

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As winter continues on and as the coronavirus pandemic continues to make indoor gatherings unsafe, many people are looking for outdoor activities to pass the time.

For many Wisconsinites that means venturing out onto a frozen body of water for ice fishing, snowmobiling, cross country skiing or just a nice walk. But even bodies of water with thick layers of ice can pose dangers for recreational activities, so Wisconsin DNR Recreational Warden Jason Roberts explains how to stay safe when out on the ice.


While Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras is celebrated around the world, some Milwaukeeans know today as a holiday by another name: Paczki Day.

A paczki is a yeast donut that is meant to combine everything unhealthy in the kitchen pantry as a way to clean out fatty and sweet ingredients before the fast of Lent — the 40-day period some Christians observe from Ash Wednesday to Easter. /

The spring primary is Tuesday, and despite 72% of voting-age adults in Wisconsin casting ballot in the 2020 presidential election, election officials expect turnout to be about 10% in this election.


The Tavern League of Wisconsin holds the title of largest trade association in the United States exclusively for licensed beverage retailers with their over 5,000 members. They are also known as one of the most influential lobbying organizations in Wisconsin government.

Zach Brooke is a contributor for Milwaukee Magazine and wrote an upcoming article about the Tavern League.

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The United States has now administered over 30 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine and 10% of Wisconsinites have received at least one dose.

To make sure people know what it’s like to get the vaccine, Lake Effect asked medical professionals who have been vaccinated to share their story about getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

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The coronavirus pandemic has caused new amounts of stress for everyone. That stress can lead to unhealthy sleeping habits, low energy and an increase in migraines and headaches. Another consequence of the pandemic, according to Dr. Yasser Khaled, is an increase in trips to the dentist.

Khaled is an assistant professor at the Marquette School of Dentistry and he says their practice has seen an increase in patients since the pandemic began.

Khaled says that stress can cause two major issues in the mouth — grinding and jaw clenching.

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The goal of the non-profit Global Brigade is to put high school and college students to work eradicating poverty around the world.

Among more than 500 university and high school groups participating, there are chapters at UW-Milwaukee, Marquette, UW-Madison and MSOE. But now, instead of flying to countries like Ghana, Nicaragua and Panama, students are “traveling” there virtually — through “TeleBrigades” and “Telesquads.”


Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley is approaching one year in office. During this time, Crowley has made addressing mental health issues in the county’s Black community a main focus.

He says that mental health in the Black community has been overlooked and is a real public health crisis.

“This is really about making sure that people of color has access to mental health programs. But also making sure that we can do all that we can, having a hands-on deck approach is really eliminating many of the stigmas that is out there as it relates to mental health,” he says.

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George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis police set off a firestorm of protest around the country and world. But it certainly wasn’t the first instance of police brutality met with outcry.

Amaud Jamaul Johnson is a poet and professor at UW-Madison and director of the MFA program in creative writing. He has been reflecting on the racial justice uprising of his youth, sparked by the acquittal of police in the brutal beating of Rodney King in Los Angeles.


In 2021, Black women are still fighting a historic battle — challenging racism and misogyny, and demanding equality and justice.

Poet Cherene Sherrard digs into these themes through creative writing. Sherrard is a professor of 19th and 20th century American and African American literature at UW-Madison. Her latest collection of poems is titled "Grimoire."

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Despite being the shortest month, February has a ton to offer when it comes to events in Milwaukee.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, Adam Carr from the Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service has joined Lake Effect to talk about community events in Milwaukee. The list includes a wide array of things to enjoy, both virtually and in-person, this February.

1. America’s Black Holocaust Museum (ABHM) Black History Celebration

First Stage Theater

While in-person theater performances haven’t happened for almost a year, First Stage theater company is getting creative with their completely digital season. They have put together a choose your own adventure play that allows audiences to decide what happens next to young hero Callaway Brown.

The play, called "Escape From Peligro Island," follows Callaway Brown, who is stranded on a desert island and needs the audience’s help to choose what happens next. Throughout the play, audience members are given the chance to vote for one of two options via their phones.

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Wisconsin has moved into phase 1b of the vaccination roll out, meaning teachers, essential workers and everyone 65 years or older has become eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine.

To make sure people know what it’s like to get the vaccine, Lake Effect asked medical professionals who have been vaccinated to share their story about getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

William is a medical scribe in Milwaukee, and he got his second dose of the Pfizer vaccine on Jan. 4. He says despite knowing there could be side effects of getting the vaccine, he was still excited to get it.

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Sledding is one of many ways Wisconsinites pass the long and snow-filled winter. But when it comes to sledding, there is actually a lot of science that goes into getting from the top of the hill to the bottom.

Jax Sanders is an assistant professor in the Physics Department at Marquette University. Sanders says that sledding showcases two important concepts in physics — air resistance and friction.

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While climate change is understood as one of the most important issues facing the world, the science behind what is actually happening to the Earth can be difficult to understand without having a Ph.D. in atmospheric science.


Gerrymandering is the practice of manipulating electoral boundaries to favor one specific political group. It can take many different forms from packing all voters of one group into a single district or spreading them out through many districts so that they never reach a majority.

The effects of gerrymandering can be seen in the Wisconsin Legislature where Democrats received about 47% of the votes in all races in the 2020 general election, but only won about 38% of the total seats in the state Senate and Assembly.

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21-year-old Stephen Hull of Racine picked up the guitar seven years ago and taught himself how to play the blues.

He started the Stephen Hull Experience in 2018 and has been playing gigs in southeastern Wisconsin and the Chicago-area.

His band was a finalist in the 2021 Interstate Music Competition — one of seven out of a couple hundred. The band submitted three songs in a video audition and walked away with silver just this past month.

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After the police killing of George Floyd in May of 2020, the idea of defunding the police swept across the country. But well before that in the summer of 2019, the African American Roundtable, a Milwaukee social justice organization, launched LiberateMKE — a campaign to convince city leaders to do that very thing.

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Milwaukee’s segregation can be seen in every community in the city, including the arts community. That is why the Milwaukee Repertory Theater is working to make art in the city accessible to all Milwaukeeans.

N’Jameh Camara is the associate director of engagement at the Rep and she says one of the places where disparities are quite clear is in which arts organizations receive funding.

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Milwaukee Night and Day” is a film that takes place over one day in Milwaukee that actually captures 10 years of the city.

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If you have house plants, you may have noticed tiny insects making a home inside your plants this winter.

Spider mites, which are actually more closely related to spiders than insects, are so small you’ll often need a magnifying glass to see them. Gardening expert Melinda Myers says you are more likely to see the effects of spider mites.

Leaves turning a bronze color or becoming sticky are both consequences of having spider mites, and an infestation can even kill your plants.

Lauryl Sulfate & LUXI, Mere Of Light, Fox Face, The Trusty Knife

Although most live shows have been put on hold by the pandemic, Milwaukee bands are continuing to release new songs — and Matt Wild has listened to most of them. Wild is one of the co-founders of Milwaukee Record, which describes itself as an online source for music, culture, and gentle sarcasm. 


2020 brought with it a pandemic, an subsequent economic crisis, a major United States presidential election, and mass protests for racial justice across the nation and world.

Black Leaders Organizing for Communities (BLOC) spent much of 2020 mobilizing voters for the general election. The organization is dedicated to using coordinated political action to achieve economic opportunity and high quality of life for Black people across Wisconsin.

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People in Wisconsin and elsewhere have watched an insurrection, an impeachment and an inauguration unfold over the past three weeks in the Nation’s Capitol.

Van Mobley, Dennis Walton and Othman Atta all live in the Milwaukee-area and each processed the events and what they would like to see from the new administration differently.

Van Mobley is the village president of Thiensville and says despite voting for former President Donald Trump, he wants President Joe Biden to do the best job he can and that includes wanting him to follow in the footsteps of Trump.

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Mike Groom is an emergency room registered nurse. Once the vaccine was available at his hospital, he signed up to get his first dose and has now completed both doses.

He has been COVID-19 negative since the beginning of the pandemic but says getting the vaccine means a lot to him.

“I really can’t afford to be missing work too much, so the vaccine, if anything, helps me keep safe while I’m at work and that’s where my decision ultimately came from as far as getting the vaccine,” he says.

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More Wisconsinites are getting vaccinated for COVID-19 every day and as the state gets closer to making the vaccine available to the general public, some employers are wondering if they can require their employees to get vaccinated.

The problem is, not everyone can get the shot either for physical reasons or for religious reasons, Barbara Zabawa says. She is a clinical assistant professor at UW-Milwaukee with a focus in health and wellness law and compliance. 

Emerys Cycling Triathlon & Fitness

Emerys Cycling Triathlon & Fitness has been selling bikes in Milwaukee since 1963. Brent Emery, son of founders Marilyn and Richard, now co-owns the business with his brother Ben. The company has stores in Milwaukee and Menomonee Falls.

Brent Emery says demand for bikes has been high since the COVID-19 pandemic hit. This is something he  says he expected when the pandemic first began.

Clover Milwaukee

A new store has opened its doors in Bay View. Clover MKE is a plant shop committed to sustainability. From repurposed pots to locally sourced plants, Clover MKE keeps their carbon footprint low.

The business is co-owned by Sissy Butner and Maggie Murphy, two house plant enthusiasts who connected over social media. They both wanted to start a business to expand their house plant hobby but were concerned about some of the unseen impacts of buying plants.