Lake Effect

The third section of our "Project Milwaukee: Black & White" forum on race relations, returned to the panel to hear their reactions to the audience’s comments, and concluded with suggestions for specific actions to move Milwaukee toward greater racial harmony and cooperation. Mitch Teich moderated the panel discussion.

In the second part of our "Project Milwaukee: Black & White" forum on race relations, we heard from the audience members present at the Mitchell Park Domes. WUWM’s Morning Edition host Bob Bach moderated the discussion.

Quantifying Milwaukee's Segregation

Jun 18, 2009

Marc Levine is a professor of history and Director of the Center for Economic Development at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He tells Mitch Teich that it is possible to quantify segregation. You can hear more from Marc Levine as part of the WUWM's forum on race relations, which will be broadcast on Lake Effect tomorrow.

Diversifying the Future of the Ad & Design World

Jun 18, 2009

Jonathan Gundlach is an OnRamp board member and the manager of billing and budgeting services at Hanson Dodge Creative. Temo Xopin is the creative director and founder of Spanglish Creative Services and an OnRamp volunteer. OnRamp seeks to expose minority students in Milwaukee to the advertising and design fields. They spoke with Stephanie Lecci, and Gundlach explained that the lack of diversity in the field is not a problem unique to Milwaukee.

Community Development & Segregation

Jun 18, 2009

Renee Booker is the President and CEO of the North Avenue Community Development Corporation. Kori Schneider-Peragine is the Senior Administrator of the Community and Economic Development program for the Metropolitan Milwaukee Fair Housing Council. They spoke with Mitch Teich, and Schneider-Peragine explains how the council looks at neighborhoods in terms of the opportunity they afford.

Volunteers & Race

Jun 18, 2009

Our feature on volunteers' perceptions of race relations in Milwaukee was produced by Stephanie Lecci. It includes voices of members of Milwaukee’s Rotaract chapter and Walnut Way Conservation Corp employees.

No African World Festival Again

Jun 18, 2009

Mark Wade is the President of the Board of Directors for the African World Festival. Festival organizers recently announced that this summer's three-day event on Milwaukee's lakefront will not take place; they do plan to hold other events throughout the year, including tomorrow's Celebrating Shades of Black cocktail party and dance at the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts. Wade tells Mitch Teich that he's optimistic the three-day festival will take place next summer.

Robert Miranda is the editor and publisher of the Spanish Journal; he’s also the Executive Director of Esperanza Unida, Inc. in Milwaukee. Troy Shaw is President and CEO of TDS Management, which produces diversity-themed television programming. They spoke with Mitch Teich about their frustrations about the state of relations between Milwaukee’s African-American and Hispanic communities and the white community.

Race & Milwaukee's LGBT Community

Jun 17, 2009

Maria Cadenas is the executive director of the Cream City Foundation, and Brenda Coley is the director of adult services for the Milwaukee-based Diverse & Resilient. They spoke with Stephanie Lecci about how the broader state of race relations in Milwaukee gets reflected in the LGBT community.

Segregation in Milwaukee's Visual Arts World

Jun 17, 2009

Della Wells is a visual artist, founder of ABEA and on the board of the Museum of Wisconsin Art in West Bend. Reynaldo Hernandez is an artist, muralist and illustrator. Dr. Walter Sava is the Executive Director of the Latino Historical Society of Wisconsin, and has worked with Latino Arts, the Greater Milwaukee Education Trust, Latinos United for Political Action, and the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

How Children Understand Race

Jun 16, 2009

Erin Winkler is an assistant professor in the Department of Africology at UWM. She spoke with Stephanie Lecci about how children learn to perceive race and how we consider it as adults.

Racial Divides in Music

Jun 16, 2009

Laura Snyder plays double bass for the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra. Bruce Cole is a working drummer and the Development Librarian for the Jean Cujé Milwaukee Music Collection at Marquette University. Snyder begins the conversation by remembering the racial makeup of Milwaukee Symphony when she arrived from New York City almost 40 years ago.

The Rise & Fall of Bronzeville

Jun 16, 2009

Jill Florence-Lackey is the Executive Director of the Milwaukee-based firm, Urban Anthropology, Incorporated. The group has studied Milwaukee’s cultural groups for more than a decade. It also takes people on tours of Milwaukee's ethnic communities, including the area which was once Bronzeville. Florence-Lackey explained to Mitch Teich what the factors were that led to the creation of Bronzeville.

Race & Baseball

Jun 16, 2009

Jerry Poling is the Assistant City Editor of the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram. He's author of the book A Summer Up North: Henry Aaron and the Legend of Eau Claire Baseball, about Hank Aaron's year playing minor league baseball in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, published by The University of Wisconsin Press. He spoke with Mitch Teich from Eau Claire.

Public Policy Forum Studies Race Relations

Jun 15, 2009

Rob Henken is the Executive Director of the Milwaukee-based Public Policy Forum, a non-partisan policy research organization. He spoke with Mitch Teich. The Forum has studied race relations in Milwaukee with several comprehensive reports in the past; you can find links here. Henken tells Mitch Teich what the forum's interest is in something as all-encompassing as race relations.