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Editor's Note: This piece was originally published March 16, 2018.

In 2018, after the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. killed 17 people, students were moved to action. Many of the survivors became activists demanding action on gun control and organized student walkouts in schools throught the country, including here in Wisconsin.

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Recently the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration reported that this January was the warmest on record for the globe. This information is part of a growing body of evidence that climate change can be seen and felt.

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Ever since Aymen Saleh moved from his hometown Canterbury, England, to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, people have asked him: why? Now Saleh, who performs under the name “Holy Pinto,” is answering them with his new EP, aptly titled, “Milwaukee.”

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The 2020 census will impact the nation — from determining how much federal money will go to states, to dividing congressional seats, to helping city planners organize and build for their futures. However, a less than stellar rollout and controversy over a citizenship question proposed by the Trump administration have severely hampered projections of its accuracy.

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Not long ago, black Wisconsinites were less likely than their white and Latino counterparts to die in a car crash.

But a new report from the Wisconsin Policy Forum titled, "Wrong Way: Black Auto Deaths Up In Wisconsin", found that over the last decade, the number of black people dying from car accidents in Wisconsin each year has doubled. At the same time, the number of white Wisconsinites dying in accidents has substantially decreased.

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Many parents have started to think about what their children will do while school is out of session this Summer. It can seem like a daunting task to go through the endless options that are offered to keep your child safe, happy and entertained. From costs to accessibility, there can be a lot that goes into making a decision on which summer camp to choose for your child.

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All Zeddie Hyler wanted to do in 1955 was build a home in Wauwatosa, Wisc. But that wasn’t easy for a black man to do at the time. 

Hyler had to overcome many obstacles — like angry neighbors concerned about property values, and vandals. He even had to get a white friend to buy the property for him before he could even begin to build. Once the building began that’s when the vandals and arsonists hit.     

But his persistence paid off: Hyler became the first black man to build a home in Wauwatosa. When he died in 2004 he left the home to his nephew, Gerald Williamson.

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Looking for a new car can be overwhelming. That's why we turn to Mark Savage — Lake Effect's car contributor who test drives about one car a week. His experiences culminate in the annual Zoomie Car of the Year awards. After a four-year hiatus, 2020 marks the return of the Zoomies.

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World War II is the deadliest war in human history with more than 85 million casualties. By 1945, the world was in ruins from London to Hiroshima.

While we hear of battles and heroics by combatant soldiers, there’s another group of servicemen that don’t get as much attention: the people photographing what happened. 

Essay: At The Breakfast Bar

Feb 21, 2020
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Does a person with a disability always want help? Who decides what another person needs or wants? This is an essay about a brief encounter in a hotel breakfast bar that raised some tough questions about who is really helped when help is offered.

As free hotel breakfasts go, this one was exceptional. There was juice, coffee, bagels, eggs, sausage, fruit, yogurt, and, the crown jewel of the long, two-lane breakfast bar, a waffle maker. It was, as cheap travelers like us would say, deluxe in every way.

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High-quality early childhood education is often inaccessible for Milwaukee families. That’s the bottom line from a recently-released needs assessment commissioned by the Greater Milwaukee Foundation.

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There are more than 750 shipwrecks in Wisconsin waters and each is its own time capsule. The new documentary Shipwrecks Of Milwaukee, presented by 10ThirtySix, explores some of these sunken vessels. The short film follows divers into the deep to explore what can be learned from these disasters frozen in time. 

"One thing that makes Milwaukee unique is that whether you're from here, or whether you're from somewhere else, there's this intrigue and this love of Lake Michigan that really brings everyone together," says producer Traci Neuman. 

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When it comes to the local economy, there’s some good and bad news. It' on the venture capital front — the money provided by investors that often helps businesses get underway or grow.

The good news is that economists say more venture capital dollars are flowing to the Milwaukee area, and the Midwest. The bad news is that some other parts of the U.S. are faring much better.

About half the money in U.S. venture capital deals goes to California. New York gets 14%. Six other Great Lakes states, including Wisconsin, get a combined total of 4%.

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The Democratic National Convention will bring tens of thousands of people to Milwaukee. But not all of them will be here for the convention itself — many people will be coming for demonstrations. Conservatives and liberals, alike, will be in the city to bring attention to issues they find important.

The ACLU of Wisconsin will also be in the city with a team of legal observers — people like Dorothy Wobick and Hope Owens-Wilson, who are trained to ensure demonstrators can exercise their first amendment rights safely.

Milwaukee: A Hub For Art Storage?

Feb 20, 2020
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While many of us will never own a Picasso or a Rembrandt, we probably have collections of artworks or objects that are valuable to us. Most of us also have family papers and photographs that have sentimental value — and we might even own a piece or two of antique furniture. How we handle and store these items can keep them safe for future generations or allow them to deteriorate and become trash.