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How Jerry Jendusa Changed The Way Airplane Cabins Are Lit

Dec 19, 2019
Courtesy of Jerry Jendusa


Jerry Jendusa grew up working in the Waukesha pharmacy his dad operated for 33 years. It was there where he learned about being a business owner and having employees, customers, and a work ethic. So it was no surprise that Jendusa had the entrepreneurial itch. The surprise was the industry in which he chose to start his business.

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It gets more difficult to stay warm as the winter temperatures drop. Putting on more layers of clothing or doing cardio can help keep you warm, but yogic breathing techniques and movements can also increase your body temperature right away.

Twisting stimulates circulation, creating a heating effect in the body. But before starting a twisting practice — seated, split kneeling stance, or while on your back on the floor — it's important to follow these guidelines:

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Gemütlichkeit is a key part of Wisconsin culture. And perhaps nothing embodies that idea of good cheer more than our neighborhood bars. Milwaukee bars, in particular, can be a great place to experience that sense of community while warming up with a good drink.

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Any number of scientific discoveries or events make the "best of" lists every year. Well, our astronomy contributor Jean Creighton is no different, and she shares her picks for 2019:

First all-female spacewalk

The first all-female spacewalk took place on Oct. 18. Astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir made the historic excursion.

The initial all-female spacewalk was planned in March, but it was canceled.

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Holidays are often associated with food — think of the American Thanksgiving or the Chinese New Year. Christmas celebrations also offer us many opportunities to celebrate our various cultural traditions through food. Whether it's gingerbread, candy canes, or eggnog, there are many delicious things that make Christmas special.

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When teenagers started showing up at the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin with severe lung damage, doctors weren’t sure what to make of it.

Normally, a young, healthy lung would be full of cavernous airways. Instead, doctors found a complex web of gunk filling the chambers of the lungs. It looked like a severe kind a pneumonia, but that diagnosis didn’t make sense. Then, doctors found something linking these teens: they all vaped.

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Jonathan Wilson is a rare link in the canon of rock music. He’s toured with artists like Tom Petty and Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters. He's produced modern artists like Father John Misty and Dawes. While bridging this generational gap, the Los Angeles musician has become one of rock’s most in-demand producers.

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As part of our Beats Me series, we spotlighted Milwaukee Public Schools parent coordinators, who are tasked with the on-the-ground work of connecting families and schools. But that mission extends beyond a single person in each building.

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In the next decade, NASA is promising to send men and women back to the moon. Plus, there are international plans to start assembling a platform near the moon, called Deep Space Gateway, from which to set forth on missions to Mars or elsewhere in the solar system.

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Indian cooking can be quite daunting for the uninitiated. But Lajwanti Pershad Waghray says if you keep things simple, you can’t go wrong. Waghray suggests starting with a spice foundation: cumin, mustard seeds and turmeric. From there you can add ginger and garlic.

These spices are the foundation of her family recipe for khatti dal — an Indian dish of lentils cooked until soft and then simmered in a richly spiced sauce.

“Every family has their own version,” says Waghray. “My grandmother is the one who, I don’t know if she created it, but she’s the one who taught us all.”

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It’s a common scene in sitcoms and films: Something chaotic happens, an older character looks overwhelmed, and they begin to grab at their chest. We all recognize it as the classic signs of a heart attack. But for many women, these scenes can be misleading.

Although heart disease is the most common cause of death for women in the U.S., cultural representations of heart attacks rarely present many of the typical symptoms for women

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The holidays and all of its glory create the perfect opportunity to try new things — like wine for example. Wine expert Ray Fister sat down with Lake Effect's Bonnie North to discuss the best wines to try over the holidays and the impact that the California wildfires has on the wine industry.

Fister recommends you try something a bit sweeter, unique and Italian this holiday rather than choosing the old reliable you know and love. Next time you're out shopping for your holiday gatherings, grab a bottle of moscato d'Asti.

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If there are readers on your holiday shopping list — or you’re looking to add some titles to your own reading list — Boswell Book Company’s Daniel Goldin has suggestions for readers of all ages.

Here are some of Goldin's favorite books of 2019:

Milwaukee Noir, edited by Tim Hennessy

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New York author Seth Siegel has spoken on water issues around the world. In 2016, he became UW-Milwaukee’s School of Freshwater Sciences first senior water policy fellow.

That appointment allowed Siegel to dive into research for his latest book, Troubled Water: What’s Wrong With What We Drink. It explores a multitude of drinking-water problems that plague communities around the United States — from contaminated wells to crumbling infrastructure.

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Although most of us have sworn off gardening until the spring, the holidays bring a wealth of plants and flowers into our lives. Christmas trees, wreaths, and other plants like pointsettias, all require a lot of care to stay beautiful throughout the winter season. Gardening expert Melinda Myers spoke with Lake Effect's Joy Powers about how to care for these plants when they come inside.