Living Undocumented

Courtesy of Jose Flores

There are an estimated 86,000 people living in Wisconsin without permanent legal status. In our series, Living Undocumented In Wisconsin, we bring you the story of a man who's just established his own business and says he's here to stay.

Meet Jose Flores.

Jose was 19 when he came to the United States from Mexico 22 years ago. For 18 of those years, he worked for a Waukesha company as a painter. Jose says he often experienced racism from his coworkers.


Milwaukee is home to about one-third of Wisconsin’s undocumented immigrants — an estimated 30,000 people.  As part of our series about undocumented immigrants, we talk to a 21-year-old DACA recipient who's navigating the uncertain landscape.

Her name is Aimeé Navarro Villegaz, and she is a very busy college student.

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It's estimated that there are 86,000 undocumented residents living in Wisconsin. About one-third live in Milwaukee. The majority of undocumented residents have been here for more than a decade. They come from a variety of countries. The top three are Mexico, India and China. 

In a three-part series, WUWM is highlighting the stories of three undocumented Latino immigrants from different families to learn more about the barriers and worries they face.