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Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele’s office says the first floor of the courthouse will reopen on Wednesday.

Part of Courthouse Open Again

Jul 15, 2013

The Milwaukee County Courthouse reopened today after a partial clean up.

A number of jury trials will resume next week, as several floors of the Milwaukee County Courthouse open to the public.

The building has been closed this week, because of smoke and electrical damage from a fire last weekend.

The county executive’s office says crews continue to work around the clock to clean up from the smoke, in hopes that floors 5-7 of the courthouse can reopen on Monday. That would allow all criminal, family, small claims cases and jury trials to resume.

Milwaukee County Reroutes Some Services

Jul 11, 2013

Local officials have scrambled to offer necessary services to Milwaukee County residents - at temporary locations.

The Milwaukee County Courthouse will remain closed until Monday. However, the Safety Building will reopen Wednesday, and all criminal court cases will resume.

Marti Mikkelson

Workers are making repairs and cleaning up after a weekend fire at the Milwaukee County Courthouse complex.

Clean up continues following a fire Saturday at the Milwaukee County Courthouse. Smoke damage has forced that facility, and the adjacent Safety Building  to remain closed today and tomorrow. The fire and its aftermath is causing some staffing changes, including:

The Milwaukee County Board made several controversial decisions Thursday. The majority voted to dismiss county attorney Kimberly Walker. There was no discussion, but several supervisors stated afterward that they had lost confidence in her neutrality. She was appointed by County Executive Abele. He lobbied to reduce the board’s power.

Walker Signs Law, Weakening Milwaukee County Board

May 31, 2013
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Gov. Scott Walker signed historic legislation Friday at Serb Hall, changing Milwaukee County governance.

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Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele has decided whom he wants to head the parks system: John Dargle.

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The state legislature last night voted 19-14 in favor of a several changes to the Milwaukee County board.

State Senators are poised to act today on a bill that would weaken the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors.