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This month, the Milwaukee Public Museum (MPM) and Betty Brinn Children’s Museum (BBCM) agreed to co-locate. The new building will be on the northeast corner of Sixth and McKinley streets near the Deer District in downtown Milwaukee. 

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Many organizations are finding new ways to engage with the public during the coronavirus pandemic. Like most places, the Milwaukee Public Museum has remained closed. But a new partnership with Google is allowing people back inside the museum without leaving home.

Unraveling The Secrets Of Spider Webs

Oct 15, 2019
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Spiders are amazing creatures. But before you shudder at the word "spider," take a moment to consider what they do for our ecosystem. Spiders catch things we don't like, like aphids, mosquitoes, and flies. If you can leave spiders alone, they'll happily eat all of the insects in your house. But their appetite for bugs isn't the only reason Dr. Cheryl Hayashi finds them fascinating.

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The National Science Foundation announced this summer that the Milwaukee Public Museum will receive a $4.3 million grant for the Terrestrial Parasite Tracker. This massive digital database will organize more than 1.3 million arthropod specimens (ticks, mosquitoes, fleas) in a geographically comprehensive way.

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Since 1884, the Milwaukee Public Museum (MPM) has been giving Wisconsinites and the state’s many visitors a passport into the natural world. Many people who grew up here have memories of school field trips and sleep overs, and now bring their own kids and grandkids to experience it.

Mark Siddall: In Praise Of Creepy, Crawly Things

Apr 10, 2019
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Mark Siddall is a specialist in the kinds of things you probably hope stay the heck out of your house. Siddall is the curator of invertebrates at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, and specializes in things like leeches and parasites — and also in the field of poisons and toxicology.

But he proves that even things we might think of as yucky or frightening can also be fascinating.

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The three bee-hive shaped glass structures that are home to tropical, desert and rotating show installations have glistened within Mitchell Park on Milwaukee's near south side for nearly 50 years. But like other Milwaukee County facilities, the buildings' maintenance has been chronically deferred.

Safety concerns piqued in 2016 when a piece of concrete fell inside the Desert Dome. As a result, all three closed for several weeks.

Milwaukee Public Museum

Searching through old records can be excruciating. Beyond being disorganized and often unclear, many records are lost over time, and the headache of finding just one document can easily triple the time it takes you to do your job.

Over the last couple decades, many organizations have set out to digitize their records as a way of preserving them and making them easier to find. But that, too, takes time.

The Milwaukee Public Museum has been working to digitize their entire collection for years. Almost three years ago, the museum started a push to rapidly digitize.

Milwaukee Public Museum Seeks New Home

Aug 2, 2018
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Downtown Milwaukee has been undergoing a building boom in recent years — from completed projects, like the Northwestern Mutual tower and the newly named Fiserv Forum, to current ones, like the BMO Harris tower on Water Street.

MPM 2017 BioBlitz

This weekend at Lake Farm County Park in Madison, dozens of volunteers will join a handful of scientists in a 24 hour effort to document plants and wildlife in the park. The Milwaukee Public Museum is organizing the BioBlitz for the fourth consecutive year, though this will be the first event in Madison.

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

The largest exhibition on the ancient Maya ever to be displayed in the United States is currently on view at the Milwaukee Public Museum. This pre-Columbian civilization flourished in what is now Central America, and had advanced mathematics, a complex written language, and sophisticated art and architecture.

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Most talk about weapons today involves firearms.  But one Milwaukee museum curator wanted to examine how our weaponry even evolved to firearms. Through exploring humans and their behavior, Milwaukee Public Museum Anthropology Collections Curator Dawn Scher Thomae sees the weapon as a tool that has evolved over thousands of years to solve a problem.

Paul Sereno is proof that the dinosaurs don’t need to be alive for the adventure to be real.

Sereno is a paleontologist, National Geographic explorer-in-residence, and professor at the University of Chicago.  He’s also discovered several new species of dinosaur in places like Mongolia, Morocco, and Niger.

What Do Museums Need to Succeed?

Jan 5, 2016
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If you visited the Milwaukee Public Museum over winter break, you may have gone through the newly updated Streets of Old Milwaukee. Many museums, both local and national, have been updating their buildings and their collections and how they present them  to better connect with audiences - and prospective donors - in the 21st Century.

But how does a museum change to become up-to-date while not ruining the wonder and connection it has established in a community?

MPM Opens Brand New Streets of Old Milwaukee

Dec 11, 2015
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It came as a big shock to many over the summer when the Milwaukee Public Museum announced it was closing and renovating the museum’s beloved Streets of Old Milwaukee exhibit. But the truth was the streets were indeed old. The new and improved exhibit still highlights local business, but new themes with new characters will give visitors a new perspective of Milwaukee.