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Even before Hurricane Katrina changed just about everything in New Orleans, the state of Louisiana had started the process of reshaping the city’s public schools, creating an entity known as the New Orleans Recovery School District.  But the storm sped up the process and was used as the catalyst for nearly a wholesale state takeover of control of schools there.

Revitalizing Bradley Tech High School

Mar 18, 2015
Milwaukee Public Schools

It’s probably not stretching things to point to a parallel in the decline of the manufacturing sector in Milwaukee, and the academic decline in a high school that has traditionally placed graduates into manufacturing jobs.  

Bradley Tech High School, by most measures, is struggling – so much so that Milwaukee Public Schools named it as one of just over a dozen schools worthy of extra intervention.

MPS will close schools for a second straight day, because of the cold. Thursday and Friday evening activities - including sports, are also canceled.

It’s been about three months since the Milwaukee Public School System named 36-year-old Darienne Driver as its Superintendent.

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There has been a lot of effort spent in recent years to improve the dropout rate in the state’s largest school district.

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Thousands of students and hundreds of millions of public dollars that might have gone to Milwaukee Public Schools instead went to private schools in the last quarter century. Still, several MPS schools are showing improvement.

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The state's report cards on school and school district success came out earlier this fall. Those performance measurements look at areas including student achievement and growth, a school's success in closing performance gaps and readiness for post-secondary education.

Milwaukee’s brand new school superintendent has inherited an old problem. What should MPS do, with its shuttered school buildings?

MPS Announces New Superintendent

Oct 1, 2014

The Milwaukee School Board has named Dr. Darienne Driver to lead the state's largest district.

There are few people in the Milwaukee education community who don't have strong feelings, one way or another, about Dr. Howard Fuller.

Once again, MPS has faced the challenge of filling hundreds of teaching positions.

As students head back to school, so to are a team of volunteer literacy tutors.

Wisconsin Ranks #2 on ACT College Entrance Exam

Aug 20, 2014

This year's Wisconsin high school graduates scored an average composite score of 22.2, out of a possible 36. Only Minnesota did better nationally, at 22.9.

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Starting this school year, the federal government will pay for meals for all Milwaukee Public Schools students.

After four years on the job, Monday is officially Gregory Thornton’s last day as superintendent of Milwaukee Public Schools.